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EVENTCUBE - all inclusive

We stage your product appearance for your period of time, CI-conform and with suitable local marketing
▫ Optional concept brand communication
▫ Assembly/disassembly, logistics
▫ Organization, reports and insurance
▫ Optional sales staff and payment system
▫ Use of digital communication
▫ Local marketing, event consulting


EVENTCUBE generates additional turnover thanks to special space rental at frequented locations. The market operator receives a new point of experience, end customers discover a new attraction and the brands have an extraordinary opportunity for seasonal, theme-related additional marketing.


EVENTCUBE is a clever distribution concept for brands that expand your market presence and sales. At frequented locations where they are not represented yet. EVENTCUBE increases the attractiveness and attention at the location by temporary presentation (pop-up) of the brand. We bring brand suppliers and shopping center operators together.


▫ Additional locations for marketing
▫ No acquisition costs
▫ Increase of presence and awareness
▫ Limited in time and measurable in sales
▫ Creating additional customer touchpoints
▫ Increasing frequency and sales
▫ Action presence with high attractiveness
▫ Chance for brand cooperation
▫ Seasonal changes
▫ Low costs & risk &
▫ Concrete exploration of new markets and new distribution channels

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